Woody species for urban spaces
Database planning tool



The database relies on user inputs to find the right tree for a specific site. Please characterize the site as detailed as possible and provide information about any further requirements you may have towards the trees. You may use default values for a range of typical planting locations (displayed at the top of the front page) and modify them accordingly.

Selection criteria

Click on a criterion to activate it. Activated criteria will be indicated by a check mark. Inactive criteria will not have the check mark and will not be considered for the selection.

Mandatory criteria

Selection criteria which you deem essential can be marked as mandatory by activating the lock ( , ). All trees not meeting this mandatory criterion will not appear in the result list.


To specify a range of certain minimum and maximum values of criteria you may use the slider. Both ends of the slider can be moved to the desired positions to encompass a specific range.

Helpful images

For some criteria (e.g. leaf shape), images will pop up when you hover the pointer above the name of the criterion.

Display of results

The results of the database query are sorted by the degree of conformity. Clicking on any listed tree will display a tree profile with detailed information on the species or variety. Within the profile, the criteria matching your specifications will be colored in green and mismatching criteria will be colored orange.

Browsing within profiles

You may not only use the database to query species, but also access tree profiles directly. To do that, type the name of the species into the text box (common or scientific names are OK). Press Enter without typing anything into the text box to display the full list of species.